The Association has had a long and distinguished history since its formation. Over the last 50 years the Association has developed its work in various fields: charitable, cultural, educational and political.

From the outset the aims of OUZ were to preserve Ukrainian language, culture, traditions and heritage for a new generation born here (GB). At the same time OUZ provided welfare and charitable support for the Ukrainian community in GB.

Equally important was the dissemination of information about everyday life in Ukraine (USSR) pre 1991 - repression and violation of human rights, religious freedom and national rights.

There are local branches of the Association throughout England and Scotland. They vary in size but all contribute towards the work of OUZ financially as well as organising cultural and political activities.

The most significant development of recent times was the establishment of the Ukrainian Children's Appeal Fund in January 1990. The tragedy of Chornobyl served to highlight an already under resourced health system in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised since 1990 to help not only those affected by the Chornobyl disaster but suffering and needy children anywhere in Ukraine.

Clearly the Association of Ukrainian Women has been a significant force in the Ukrainian community in Great Britain over its 50 years of its existence. The range of work in which its members have been involved enables the Association to look forward with confidence to a new era, not only in Great Britain but also in Ukraine.